Install a Tile Shelf in a Bathroom Shower

shower shelf

Remodeling a bathroom is a great project that requires some time and patience, especially when it comes to rebuilding a shower with brand new tile. It is a good idea to look at tile shower models in magazines or in store showrooms before undertaking such a project.

A good addition to a shower that could be done while tiling the walls is a corner tile shelf. A tiled shelf gives a decorative accent besides being practical. Installing a tile shelf while building the shower walls is easy to do. There is no need for extra tools other than what is already being used to lay tiles on shower walls.

Cutting Your Shelf

The look of a shower could be a lot better if walls are done with 12-inch tiles. The same size tile must be used on the corner shelf. Smaller or bigger than that won't work. Cut the tile in half in the desired shape to avoid sharp corners. A rounded cut also works well and looks great in a shower. It is not necessary to cut any extra pieces to support the tile from under neat. More than 1 shelf can be installed in any corner of the shower.

Installing Your Shelf

While tiling a shower, decide what height is suitable to install the shelf. When reaching that line, measure the thickness of the shelf. Draw a line on those 2 tiles that will be under the shelf the same size than the thickness of the shelf before gluing them to the wall. Cut that little slice out on both tiles and glue them. Of course don't forget to put the cut on the up side, where the shelf will be sitting.

Install the shelf in the corner applying a lot of glue on the wall in a way that the shelf gets sucked in the glue. Then wipe the excess glue with a sponge. A third hand may be needed to hold the shelf while installing the next row of tile on top of it. If that can't be done, a wood stud already made for the right height should do the thick.

Don't leave a space between the shelf and the tile above it. The shelf must be sandwiched between both tiles above and under it.

Let It Dry and Grout

When tiling a shower, especially with 12-inch tiles, it is wise to do half the height of the wall, let it dry, and wait until the next day to do the other half in order to keep the weight of the tiles on top from pressing down on the tiles at the bottom.

Once the shower is all dried, fill the joints with sanded grout and don't forget to grout all around the shelf as well to avoid water infiltration. It is advised to use a sealer afterword to prevent grout discoloration and make maintenance easier.