Install an Electric Wall Fireplace

Electric wall fireplaces are as easy to install as flat pack furniture. Two people may need to position larger, heavier units. Assembly usually requires a screwdriver. A small saw and hammer may also help.

Step 1 – Install an Electric Outlet if Necessary

Electric wall fireplaces run off a 120v electrical outlet and produce surprisingly realistic flames. However, an extension cord running behind the mantle is a dead giveaway. If the desired location for the fireplace is not directly in front of an outlet, have a qualified electrician install an outlet.

Step 2 - Assemble the Cabinet

The mantelpieces usually arrive as flat pack furniture with individual assembly instructions according to the design. As with any flat pack furniture, set out the components and assemble them according to the instructions.

Step 3 – Insert the Electric Fireplace Unit

The box with the logs, heater and flame usually ships separately. Slide the insert into the mantle cabinet and secure the sides of the insert to the cabinet with the provided hardware.

Step 4 – Position the Electric Wall Fireplace

Electric fireplaces don’t need venting and can be situated anywhere along a wall. For a more realistic flush-mounted look, remove the section of skirting board behind the fireplace’s final location so the unit will fit snug against the wall.

Step 5 – Plug and Go

Plug the fireplace into the wall outlet. Slid the cabinet back to fit snugly against the wall and enjoy the ease of electric fire.