Install an Electric Water Pump in Your Garden Pond

An electric water pump can turn an ordinary yard fountain into a moving piece of art. Your garden pond will be able to move water which adds to its ambiance as well as its cleanliness—a great combination.

Choose the Right Water Pump

The larger the garden pond you have, the larger the electric water pump you need. Check the specifications on the pump to see how much water it can move. You will have to choose between an electric or solar water pump. A solar water pump is earth-friendly, but needs frequent sun exposure. An electric pump doesn’t use a lot of electricity so this might be a viable option as well.

How to Install a Water Pump

You will need to place an item on the bottom of the pond upon which the pump will rest. This will prevent debris from accumulating in and on the pump. Where you place the pump is up to you and to your overall garden pond vision. Keep in mind that the larger the pond, the more water movement you will need, so an additional pump may help. If the filter is not already in the pump, install it before connecting the hose to the pump and powering up the system.