Install an Outdoor Patio Swing

Outdoor patio swings increase outdoor living space by providing a comfortable, relaxing seating option. Because patio swings are meant to hold one or more adults, secure installation is vital to safety. When installing an outdoor patio swing, ensure that everything is bolted securely. You will need a patio swing, tape measure, chain cut to the proper length, drill, two heavy-duty hardware hooks, a ladder and a helper. You might also need bolt cutters.

Step 1 - Locate a Beam

If the swing will hang from a covered patio, you will need to locate a beam in the ceiling to hang the swing from. The beam needs to be capable of supporting the weight of the swing and people on it.

If the outdoor patio swing is going to be hung from a freestanding frame, assemble the frame using sturdy hardware to reinforce the joints.

Step 2 - Measure for the Chain

To determine how much chain you need, measure the distance from the patio floor to the beam. Measure the height of the arms of the swing, and subtract the arm height from the total height of the beam. You will need four lengths of chain about a foot shorter than that measurement. When in doubt, buy the chain longer than you think you will need. You can always remove excess when you have the outdoor patio swing hung at a comfortable height.

Step 3 - Pre-Drill the Holes in the Beam

Measure the width of the porch swing. This measurement is also the distance between the mounting hooks in the support beam. Using a drill bit slightly smaller than the diameter of the hooks, pre-drill holes in the beam.

Step 4 - Install the Hooks and Chains

Screw one hook into each of the pre-drilled pilot holes in the support beam. Hooks need to be sunk a minimum of one inch into the beam to provide sufficient support. The support hooks should be large enough to easily accommodate two lengths of the chain.

Hang two lengths of chain from each hook. The chain will attach to the front and back of each arm of the outdoor patio swing to provide stability.

Step 5- Hang the Outdoor Patio Swing

Attaching the swing to the chain is a two-person job. With one person lifting the swing and the other attaching the chains, attach the front and back chains of one arm, then the front and back chains of the second arm. Make sure that the length of chain placed on the hook first is fastened to the back of the swing, and the chain placed on the hook second is attached to the front of the swing so the chains aren't crossed.

Step 6 - Adjust the Swing Height

The outdoor patio swing should hang at a height comfortable for the people who will use it the most. For an average adult, this is about two feet off the ground. Taller people will be comfortable slightly higher than two feet, and shorter people may want the swing lower. Adjust the swing height at each of the four chains until the seat is level and at a comfortable height. Use bolt cutters if necessary to remove the excess chain.