Install Brick Driveway Pavers: 8 Steps

What You'll Need
Landscaping fabric
Rubber mallet
Brick pavers and joints
1x6 wood approximately 3 feet long
Long-pile broom
Hose with sprayer and a water source
Power saw
Vibrating tamper (Hired)

Installing brick driveway pavers is a task you can complete easily once the ground preparations have been made. Driveway pavers are easy to come by and can be laid out in different ways to create the desired effect. Driveway pavers only cost a few dollars per square foot and this makes them this an economical alternative to natural stone pavers or stamped concrete. Although they are cheap to purchase and install, pavers can provide a series of complex patterns to add a genuine touch of class to the average driveway.

Step 1: Preparations

Before you install the driveway pavers, you'll need to prepare the ground by excavating the area and adding ground stone and sand. Once the area has been leveled out, install the chosen edging.

Step 2: Weed Prevention

It is recommended that landscaping fabric is laid out before laying brick pavers This provides a barrier between the sand and the pavers and this helps in curtailing the growth of weeds. This fabric can be held into place with a few bricks around the edges to make it secure.

Step 3: Pour the Sand

At this point, you are ready to pour sand over the landscaping fabric. Level the sand out using a long, straight plank of wood. Be sure to keep the slope of the driveway in mind. Use enough sand so that, when the pavers are installed, they will be about an inch above the grade.

Step 4: Laying the Pavers

Place the pavers into the desired spots and use a rubber mallet to tamp them into place. Lay several square feet of the driveway at a time but stop to carry out the leveling process intermittently.

Step 5: Leveling

Lay the 1x6 piece of wood on the worked area. Use the rubber mallet to tamp the wood to level out the pavers underneath. Do this over all the pavers that have been laid so far. This should help provide a perfectly level surface. Resume laying the pavers until a similar amount have been placed and level again. This procedure should be repeated until all pavers are down.

Step 6: Bedding

Hire a vibrating tamper once all of the pavers are down and use it to tamp the pavers into place. This will compact the bed of sand to ensure that the pavers have settled properly.

Step 7: Filling the Joints

Pour sand over the pavers and sweep into the joints. This is easily accomplished by using the broom to sweep the sand around. Be sure to sweep the sand into all of the cracks. Spray the entire area with water to compact the sand. Use a light spray and allow to dry.

Step 8: Repeat

It may be necessary to repeat step seven until the joints are filled in and completely compacted.

The process is complete and the driveway can now be used.