Install Kitchen Sink Drain Pipe with Drain in Floor Part 2

What You'll Need
Drain pipes

In Part 2 of this guide to installing a kitchen sink drain pipe with a drain on the floor, you learned how to fit the drain to the basket and apply the T fitting drain to the supply pipe. In Part 2, you will learn how to attach a drain pipe to the fitting, add the 2 trap to the fitting, and then join this trap to the second half of the drain. To attach the outlet pipe to the rest of the system, you will need to know how to avoid some basic mistakes.

Step 1 - Attach Fitting to Outlet Pipe

At the back of the sink, locate your drain outlet pipe. You should take the T fitting, and install this against the water outlet pipe. The t fitting will then be attached to the tail piece. Add caulking to the T-fitting, and then slide it over the outlet pipe. While it is in your hands, tighten it using the pipe wrench. Make sure that you tighten it slowly and carefully, and don't over tighten the screw. Once this is done, you should be able to add the tailpiece, and join this to the T-fitting, screwing the bolt on this until it hangs in place without becoming loose.

Step 2 - Attach the S Fitting

Once you have added the T fitting to the outlet pipe, and then placed the drain tailpiece onto the other end of the T fitting, you can attach your S trap to the pipe. This is rather like an elbow piece, and needs to be positioned carefully, so that it carries the water in the right direction. Firstly, make sure you are holding the correct part of the S-trap, and then add a layer of caulk to the uppermost part. Place it against the T-fitting at an angle, and then slowly turn it into alignment with the rest of the pipes. When this is done, you will be able to tighten the nut fitting using the wrench.

Step 3 - The S-Trap Fitting

When that part of the S trap is in place, you can then add the second bend. Make sure that you are pointing the trap in the correct location, and then apply a layer of caulk to the end about to be joined. Push this down onto the other part of the S trap, and screw it into place as you did with the first part.

Step 4 - Finishing Up

Now you have the pipe fitted as far as the S trap you are ready to fit it to the floor stub out drain. This will take the waste water away, so it is vital that you make the correct attachment. Add more caulk around the outside of the pipe, and then place it on top of the stub out drain. Tighten using the pipe wrench, and then leave for the caulk to set.