Install Privacy Slats In Your Fence

Privacy slats are narrow inserts that can be threaded through the chinks in a chain link fence to create a privacy screen. Fence privacy slats are also used to create a wind screen or to conceal items that are contained inside a fenced off area, such as utility vehicles or supplies. There are several varieties of privacy slats that you can choose between including lite link, feather lock, bottom lock, wing slat and hedge link.


Lite Link

Lite link privacy slats are single walled varieties that have a sculpted “M” shape. These privacy slats are an economy variety that has marginal spaces between the slats.


Feather Lock

The feather lock fence slat is a double walled option. These fence slats offer a built in locking system that is created by top notches that interlock when installed.


Bottom Lock

The bottom lock fence slats are a sturdy variety that consists of flattened tubes that can be woven into your chain link fences. They get their name from their bottom interlock system.


Wing Slots

If you need total privacy then the wing slot fence slats are a great option. This variety has wings that help to fill in the gap between fence slats.


Hedge Links

If you want to create the illusion that you have a privacy hedge behind your chain link fence then the hedge link fence slats are what you want to order. This fence slat option covers the vinyl or metal privacy slats with synthetic evergreen foliage.