Install Roll-Up Shed Doors in Fifteen Steps

Roll-up shed doors are common for sheds that hold motorized vehicles or larger equipment such as boats, tractors or ATV’s. The easiest way to install roll-up shed doors is to measure the door frame and purchase a pre-made roll up door from a local dealer. 

Step 1 - Measure the Frame 

Measure the width of the door frame. Measure from the door’s opening and the frame height or length.

Step 2 - Measure the Space between Door and Walls 

Measure the width of the area from the door frame and the wall on each side of the door frame. To install most doors, there needs to be 4 to 6 inches of additional space. 

Step 3 - Measure Open Space between Door and Ceiling 

Measure the length between the door frame and the shed’s ceiling. Stop the measurement if there is something hanging from the ceiling. The measurement will then be from the door frame to the lowest point of what is hanging from the wall. If possible, move anything that hangs from the ceiling in this area to ensure adequate room. There needs to be between 15 to 23 inches of unobstructed room to install a roll-up door. 

Step 4 - Purchase a Roll-up Door 

Purchase a door that meets the measurements taken. 

Step 5 - Prepare Door 

Read the safety instructions and add any hardware to the door such as handles, hinges or weather stripping. 

Step 6 - Place the Door Panel 

Put the lowest panel into place in the door frame. Nail the panel jamb halfway into the frame to hold the panel in place. 

Step 7 - Assemble the Tracks 

Following the manufacturers instructions, assemble the tracks into position. The tracks will go into different positions including vertical, curved and horizontal positions. 

Step 8 - Place Rollers 

Once the tracks are assembled, attach the rollers to each side of the first panel. 

Step 9 - Position Tracks 

The vertical tracks need to be slid into position with the rollers that were placed on the first panel. 

Step 10 - Attach Panel 

After the rollers and tracks have been placed on the first panel, connect this panel to second panel with the hinges that should have already been placed in step 5. The hinges will connect each panel to the other. Repeat steps 8 through 10.

Step 11 - Attach Vertical Tracks to the Wall 

Make sure the door is level to the frame and bolt the vertical tracks to the wall. Continue connecting and bolting the tracks to the wall. 

Step 12 - Prepare the Ceiling 

Once the vertical tracks have been connected and bolted to the walls, horizontal tracks need to be placed. 

  • Measure the space between the ceiling and where the horizontal tracks will be placed.
  • Measure the track hangers and cut them so that their measurement matches the placement measurement.
  • Connect the hangers to the ceiling and bolt them to the horizontal tracks.  

Step 13 - Mount Torque Tube

Place the torque tube into the tracks. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to place this piece. 

Step 14 - Remove Nails 

Remove the nails that were initially used to position the last panel to the door frame. The door is ready for use.