Install Roof Flashing on Slate Roofs: Mistakes to Avoid

One of the best ways to avoid leaks is to install roof flashing on your slate roofs. Installing roof flashing is rather a technical task that needs careful attention to details and small mistakes made during the installation process can cause problems in the future. To prevent problems with your roof flashing, here are some installation mistakes that you should avoid.

No Allowance for Material Expansion

Changes in the temperature and humidity can trigger the expansion and contraction of your slate roofing materials. If you live in an area with variable temperature, you should install a two-part flashing system instead of a single part flashing system on your slate roof. The two-part flashing system consists of base and step flashings which allow it to withstand movements caused by roofing material expansion and contraction. When installing a two-part flashing system, make sure that the metal sheets overlapped against each other and the second sheet should not be fastened to the first one to allow the two sheets to move freely against each other.

Using the Wrong Screws and Nails

The wrong screws or nails will not provide your flashing enough support so if you want your flashing to hang right, you need to use the right fasteners.