Install Seat Boards for Your Garage Shelving Install Seat Boards for Your Garage Shelving

What You'll Need
Oriented Strand Board (OSB)
Circular Saw
Drill and screwdriver bit
Galvanized deck screws
Shelving frame

Generally, garage shelving is strictly utilitarian. For this reason, a rough lumber frame is more than suitable for the purpose. Additionally, using Oriented Strand Board (OSB) is perfect for garage shelving because it is weather resistant. After attaching wall cleats, and framing the outside shelf support, placing the seat boards (shelves) is all that remains to complete the project.


Step 1 - Cut Shelves

Determine desired width of shelves. A simple, economic width is 24 inches because you can cut the OSB in half to produce 2 24-inch shelves. Cut all shelves as required by design.

Step 2 - Place Shelves

The shelving frame is assembled in 2 pieces. The one side of the support consists of lumber attached directly to one wall. The other side is a framed piece that will be kept in place by the shelving. To begin placing the seat boards, start at one end of the assembly, holding the framed piece about 24 inches from the wall-mounted shelf supports. Carefully drop the first shelf piece (Step 1) to rest on the outside shelving frame. Drop the shelf horizontally to seat onto the wall supports. Adjust placement of shelf to be flush with end of framing, and attach with deck screws. Continue until all seat boards have been installed and your garage shelving is ready to use.

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