Install Sprinkler Heads

Installing sprinkler heads is probably the easiest part of installing a sprinkler system. Planning out the sprinkler system relies on where you choose to install each sprinkler head. Mapping out your yard with the correct figures will ensure a successful sprinkler system installation.  Once the yard is mapped and the piping is laid out, you'll be able to install the sprinkler heads with simple tools and little effort.

Step 1-Plan Where the Sprinkler Heads Will Go

There's more to installing sprinkler heads than putting them the same distance apart. You need to consider the area where the sprinklers will reach and that area's needs. Areas with shrubs and plants might need to deliver more water than your lawn.

Draw a sketch of your home and yard to scale. Block off the area into rectangles (zones) that are no bigger than about 1200 square feet. 

Step 2-Consider Each Zone Separately

One zone may be mostly flat lawn or a large, grassy area. Another zone may be full of plants, shrubs and flowers. Choose the sprinkler heads for zones based on that zone's needs. Rotor sprinkler heads are better for large, flat areas. Pop-up heads get water distributed more evenly when there are flowers and bushes. If you need a head among some bushes you can also choose a shrub or bubbler head for that spot.

Step 3-Add Sprinkler Heads to Your Drawing

On your drawing, plot out your sprinkler heads according to type and where you think they should go. Look at the length of a particular head's spray area. With your current map, is everything covered well? Don't try to avoid overlapping spray areas as this is inevitable and even desirable to make sure everything is watered properly.

Step 4-Design Your System

Now that you know where the sprinkler heads must go, you can draw out your pipeline on your map and have a guide for digging the trench for the water pipe. (Be sure to consult your local authorities to make sure it's safe to dig along the path you've drawn). Once you've designed the system, dig and lay the pipe according to your plan.

Step 5-Install Risers

Install risers along your finished pipeline in each spot a sprinkler head should go.

Step 6-Install Sprinkler Heads

Now everything is in place. Instead the sprinkler heads to the risers by screwing them on. Open the valve and flush the system until water runs clear from all sprinkler heads, and then screw the nozzles into the heads. Now your sprinkler heads are successfully installed and you can move to the next zone and repeat the process.