Install Swinging Kitchen Doors

What You'll Need
Finishing nails (8d size)
Casing screws (3 inches long)
Power drill and screwdriver bit
Air compressor for the drill
Pin nailer
Pin nails (1 1/4 inches long)
Swinging doors

The kitchen doors that you have at the entrance of your kitchen will have a major impact on the overall design and feel of the space. They set the tone and mood for the kitchen from before you enter. While many people have standard doors into their kitchen spaces, you can make your room stand apart by installing a different type of door. Swinging kitchen doors are a great option to make your kitchen space truly individual. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install prehung swinging doors at the entrance way to your kitchen.

Step 1 -- Fit the Door into the Space

With the space for the door cleared, set the base of the door at the base of the door entrance way. Lift the top portion of the kitchen doors into place to fit the door into the space completely and fit the hinge side of the door tight up against the wall. Lift the door off of the ground if it is smaller than the height of the space, and line it up with the area in which you'd like it to be attached.

Step 2 -- Attach the Hinge

Nail an 8d finishing nail at the top of the hinge space.

Step 3 -- Check for Level and Adjust With Shims

Use the level to check for the evenness of the top side of the door. If the door isn't level, add shims at the base of the door to make the top portion entirely level. Check also for plumb on the side where the hinge is. Fit shims in between the door and the frame if the door is not completely plumb. Insert another finishing nail into the door frame through the shims and framing.

Step 4 -- Check the Reveal

The reveal is the area in between the door and the frame. It should be an even and small gap that extends between the two. If it is not even throughout, move the door slightly by hand until it is entirely even.

Step 5 -- Secure the Door

Secure the door by installing additional finishing nails through the latch side of the frame. Be careful that the reveal remains entirely even as you do so.

Step 6 -- Replace the Center Screw

Remove the center screw from the top hinge on the frame of the door using the drill. Replace it with a full 3-inch long screw so that it is more secure in place.

Step 7 -- Install the Framing

If there is any framing that comes along with the doors, install that in place around the outside of the swinging doors. Use the pin nails and pin nailer to do so. Check the door to be sure that it will swing properly and without hitting the frame.