Install Tile on External Corners by Overlapping Tiles

Lead Image
What You'll Need
Glazed tiles
Small trowel
Wet saw

You may have occasion to place the tile over an external corner. This means that the corner points toward the room. Installing tile on this type of wall is basically the same as with a flat wall or internal corner; however, working around the corner will require a few different steps.

Step 1 - Cut Tiles to Fit

As you approach the external corner, install the tile as you normally would. To get around the corner, butt an edge of the glazed tile over the edge of the tile on the other side of the corner. Place a tile on the corner and mark it for cutting. Use a wet saw to ensure straight cuts.

Step 2 - Interlock Tiles

Start at the bottom and work your way up. Interlock the tiles as you install them in the mortar. This means that as a tile overlaps another, the next row it will be in the reverse order.

Step 3 - Do Both Sides at Once

Install the tiles on both sides of the external corner at the same time. Apply the mortar around the corner and set the tiles together.