Pros and Cons of Installing Tile over Tile

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If you are considering installing tile over tile, you will most likely hear many different opinions the decision to do so. Some installers regularly lay tile over tile, while others do not think it is a good idea. Here are some of the pros and cons.


One of the biggest advantages of tile on tile is that it saves time. The project requires little preparation allowing you to finish the job and move on to other things more quickly. Another big advantage of using this process is that you will not have to remove the existing tile. If you have removed tile before, you know exactly how difficult it is. Any solution that will allow you to avoid this step should be considered.


Although this process will make things easier on you, it could cause problems in the future. When you install tile over existing tile, you are not providing a completely smooth surface for the new layer of tile. There will be gaps in the grout lines on the bottom layer that will must be covered. The unevenness can affect the integrity of the top layer of tile and cause cracks or breaks later.