Installation Tips for Aluminum Downspouts

After you have hung aluminum gutters, you will need to finish the job by installing aluminum downspouts. This is a very simple procedure. Your aluminum gutters will need a little maintenance eventually, but here are a few tips that will save you time and prevent minor repairs down the road.

Tip 1: Prepare

Make sure you get all of the pieces you need before you leave the store. Remember, you will need a 45-degree angle for the top of the aluminum downspout, elbows for any offsets, a ball strainer to prevent clogs, and connector pipe bands to secure the down spout. Also, do not forget the galvanized nails or screws. This tip will keep the job going and not send you back to the store to get something you forgot.

Tip 2: Measure

Many make the mistake of not measuring the 45-degree angle connectors when measuring the length of their aluminum downspouts. A 45-degree angle connector attaches to the outlet on the end piece. If you forget to measure it, your aluminum downspout will be too long. Remember to always measure twice and cut once.

Tip 3: Sealant

Adding sealant to your aluminum downspouts is a great idea. Get a silicone sealant that is not only waterproof, but one that will hold paint just in case. Silicone should be applied to your angles, elbows, and gutter covers to prevent water from pushing debris into those small cracks. Silicone is flexible to take on any movement your aluminum downspouts go through.