Installation Tips for MDF Molding

MDF molding can provide you with a cheaper alternative to real wood and it looks about the same when it is installed. Here are some tips on how to properly install MDF molding.


When you are installing MDF molding, you will want to make sure that you use the proper materials. One of the best ways to install MDF molding is with a nail gun. If you are using a nail gun, you should utilize 18-gauge pneumatic T-nails. If you are going to be gluing the MDF, you will want to make sure that you use white PVA adhesive. If you need to fill the MDF, you should use a filler such as White Lightning to do the job. 

Installation Tips

When you are working with MDF molding, make sure that you are very careful. It can be very fragile and you do not want to have to purchase more molding after you break the first batch.

If you are going to be cutting the MDF molding, you should consider utilizing a triple-chip carbide finishing blade. This will allow you to make a very clean cut on the molding without leaving any rough edges. If you do have rough edges, you can sand them down with 80 grit sand paper.