Installation Tips for Metal Corbels

If you want to add some interesting features to your home, while at the same time supporting and maintaining an overhang, you might want to consider installing metal corbels. These are available from most large home improvement stores, and you can find these kinds of corbels in a range of interesting designs and sizes. 

Size According to Use

When you are selecting the right metal corbels for your needs, remember that they will need to support weight. You should match the size of the corbels with the amount of weight they will be holding, so for example a large granite worktop will require larger corbels than a wooden bookshelf. You should also consider the number of screws needed to hold the corbel to the wall, as this can also make a difference.

Position the Corbel

When you are fitting your metal corbels into place, line them up using a spirit level, and then mark the holes needed using a piece of chalk. Put the chalk directly into each of the screw holes, and then take the corbel away. You can then drill the holes without needing to support the corbel.

Screw in Securely

As the corbel will be taking in a lot of weight, make sure that you screw it in securely. Use plastic anchors in the wall before adding the screws.