Installation Tips for Wooden Corbels

When you need to support a weight, or want to add an interesting feature to your home, then you might consider installing wooden corbels. These items have been around for hundreds of years, and when highly decorated are a very popular design feature in most homes. Whether you are holding up a shelf, or decorating the lintel of your door, these are a fantastic decorative tool.

Check the Studs

When you are ready to install the wooden corbels, check out the location of the studs in your wall using a stud finder. Use a piece of chalk to indicate where the studs are, and then press the corbel to the mark. Drill small holes where the screw points are in the wooden corbels.

Enlarge the Holes

When you are ready, you can enlarge the holes using a plastic screw anchor. These hold screws securely into the wall. Place these into the wall, and then add the screws.

Use Glue

Before you add the corbels to the wall, a little drop of wood glue onto the back will help to bind it securely with the wall. The glue will stick to both corbel and wall, providing a secure bond which will prevent the corbel from moving once it has been installed.