Installing a Barbed Wire Fence: Post Spacing

When installing a barbed wire fence you will have to do a little bit of planning to ensure that you end with a fence that will suit your needs exactly. Once the plan in is place, the construction of the fence will go forward quickly, saving you the trouble of having to make constant adjustments as you go.

Fence Layout

You will first want to sketch out a basic idea of what size and perimeter of the area you want to contain with your barbed wire fence. The same method can be used for livestock fencing as well as to deter unwanted wildlife from getting into your garden. Sketch out the basic design for your fence line and measure the actual distances in your yard to get a good idea of what you will need for materials. 

Proper Spacing

You will want to figure in a fence post every 4 feet to ensure that it remains stable when pressure is applied to it from either side. Your barbed wire fence should have this even spacing between the posts as it does help in providing stability in its structure. Be sure that when you are choosing posts for your fence, that you select treated wood to ensure that it will last longer in the elements.