2 Tips for Installing a Bathtub in Mortar

If you are installing a bathtub, you can prevent water damage in the event of the bathtub cracking by installing it in mortar. Here are a few tips.

Use Plastic

If you lay a layer of plastic on the subfloor where you will be installing the tub, it will protect the subfloor from absorbing the moisture that is contained in the mortar. The entire purpose of installing a tub in mortar is to protect the subfloor from water damage. Plastic will provide additional protection.

Use a Level

If you are installing a bathtub in mortar, then it may have a tendency to slide and slip before you have it fully in place and the mortar has dried. Once you have the mortar on the plastic, set the bathtub. Once you have centered and measured the exact location for the tub, set a level in the center of the tub. Slide the tub as needed until it is level.