Installing a Battery Kill Switch

person holding a battery kill switch
  • 2-4 hours
  • Advanced
  • 100-200
What You'll Need
Battery switch
Socket wrench
Philips screwdriver
Drill bits
Silicone caulking

When you want to protect your vehicle, a great device is called a battery kill switch. With the battery kill switch you gain the upper hand when it comes to control over thieves who want to drive off with your vehicle. With a push of a button you can shut off the power from the battery so the car will not start. You can easily install a battery switch on your vehicle without any special tools and only about an hour of your time. Here are the steps to take to install this switch yourself.

Step 1 - Buy Battery Kill Switch

When installing a battery switch you need to pay very close attention the type of kill switch you buy. Take a look at the owner's manual and find out the power output of the battery and other components. The battery kill switch should match up with this. If it does not then you will continue to blow the switch.

Step 2 - Remove Both Cables from Battery

cables on a car battery

You should always disconnect both the positive and the negative cables from the battery poles to ensure your safety when working on the electrical components. While you have the cables removed from the battery poles, this is a good time to clean the terminals, wires, and connection points.

Step 3 - Unscrew Positive Battery Terminal from Cable

Once you have the positive cable removed you need to remove the terminal from the end of the cable.

Step 4 - Connect Kill Switch Wires

With the terminal removed, you can now install the kill switch. Wire the switch in between the cable and the battery terminal. Make sure that when you install the switch that you install it in the on position.

Step 5 - Reattach Battery Terminal

Reconnect the battery terminal back onto the positive cable. Make sure that you secure it tightly, but without breaking any of the wires.

Step 6 - Find Location for Kill Switch

After the switch wires have been connected to the battery cable, you will need to secure the switch housing in a concealed area. Doing this will ensure that anyone who wants to steal your car will not be able to easily locate it. Once you have found a place for the switch you will need to drill in some pilot holes using a drill.

Step 7 - Attach Kill Switch to Frame

Use a marker to mark the location of the holes for the screws in the switch housing. Drill the holes and make sure that you remove any burrs that remain. Line up the holes of the battery kill switch with the holes you drilled and then secure with the supplied screws. Cover over the wire connections a little dab of silicone caulking to act as a weather proofing agent so the wire connections do not start to corrode and fall out.

Step 8 - Connect Battery Cables

Now that the battery kill switch has been installed you can connect the battery terminals back to the battery poles.