Installing A Bookcase Door

What You'll Need
Metal for Frame
2-inch Square Tubing
Scrap Tubing
Scrap Wide Metal Plates (2 inches)
Scrap wood
Bookcase Plans
Measuring Tape
Strong Rope
Eye Hook
2-inch Long Screws

Installing a bookcase door is a process that involves hiding a door within a bookcase, allowing you to open a hidden door into a secret room without anyone knowing that it is there but you. If you want to protect your property or have a panic room or safe room, a bookcase door is a good way to make sure that intruders in your home cannot find you. This article is designed to show you how you can install a bookcase door to hide a secret room in your home.

Step 1: Locate Area and Take Measurements

First and foremost you are going to want to locate where you would like to place your secret door and take the necessary measurements. Rooms that have no windows or other doors are good places to put hidden rooms with bookcase doors. Make sure that you measure the wall length, the wall height, the width of the door and any other measurements that are important for this particular purpose. All of these measurements should be noted on paper so that you can refer to them later.

Step 2: Draw Plans

Now you are going to want to draw out your plans for the bookshelves, dividing your bookshelves into sections where the door falls in between two different sections of the bookcase. Make sure that you are accommodating the measurements of the door when drawing up the plans for your bookcases. Once the initial set of plans has been put together, you should draw a second set with a top-down perspective, cutting the bookcase out that is intended to be your secret door.

Step 3: Build Bookcases

Now you should build the normal bookcases according to your tastes, the necessary dimensions and the plans that you have already committed to paper. Using your measurements, build a metal frame that will accommodate your secret door, welding and cutting pieces as needed. Then measure the metal frame's length and width and create the secret bookcase to match these dimensions.

Step 4: Finish Constructing Door

The construction plans and requirements for your secret door and bookcase are going to differ depending on your measurements and your tastes and style. Follow the manufacturer's directions when working with a plan, or follow your own basic measurements when building from scratch. Your door should be completely hidden behind your bookcase, but should be capable of being opened if you know where the latch is. How you construct the bookcase secret door is ultimately up to you, but keep discretion in mind because the whole point is for the door to be hidden completely behind the bookcase, which rests between the two other bookcases.