Installing a Booster Fan In Your Furnace Duct

What You'll Need
Cable wiring
16 gauge conductor, black and white
Junction boxes
Wire nuts
Duct tape
Sheet metal screws
Wire cutters
Safety goggles

The procedure of installing a booster fan in a furnace duct is not difficult. However, before going through the procedure, make sure to take precaution and wear safety goggles. The installation of electrical wiring should be completed by a professional, consistent with all related codes and standards.

The electrical junction box must be connected by using self-drilling sheet metal screws. These metal screws need to have a maximum length of one inch. The electrical box mounting holes must not be pre-drilled. Check with a professional installer to connect to an adjustable speed booster fan. The ground wire (green) should be terminated at the furnace or other appropriate ground. The power source should be guarded by a fuse or circuit breaker rated at a least possible of 15 amperes.

Step 1– Connect Plug to Booster Fan

Connect a 2x4 inch electrical box to the exterior of the fan with screws in the pre-drilled mounting holes. Tug the wiring from the booster fan to the box. Make an opening in the box. Put in a cable connector in the opening and insert 8” of the wire end of a grounded power cord that is eight to 10 feet long. Connect the cable connector to the power cord. In case the booster fan has a single black wiring and a single white wiring, connect any wiring to black and any wiring to white. Hook up the green wire from the booster fan to the green or bare wiring from the power cord. Wrap your connection with wire nuts and put the wires into the box, then screw the top of the box.

Step 2– Install the Booster Fan

Find the accessible portion of the fan that needs to be boosted. Take away the portion of the duct-work and cut off an ample amount to fit the booster in the line. Making a note in the arrow on the fan which specifies the direction of airflow, fold the edges of the duct-work and rebuild the duct-work with the booster in position. Close up every seam using a duct tape.

Step 3– Connect the Thermostat

Locate a place that can be accessed with no trouble for the thermostat. Mark drill openings on the furnace duct with the use of a mounting template. Drill the openings and connect the thermostat into the duct with the use of sheet metal screws.

If all the connections have been completed, start the heat on the thermostat. Plug the power cord from the booster fan into the thermostat, and then plug the thermostat into a grounded power outlet. Change the settings of the thermostat, as per recommendations of the manufacturer.

After the booster fan gets going, the relay must be heard being energized. Check the register and examine for higher airflow.