Installing a Built-In Lock on a Garden Shed Door Installing a Built-In Lock on a Garden Shed Door

What You'll Need
Shed door
Finish Nails
Hand Saw
Electric Drill

To protect your shed, make sure to have a lock installed. Having a utility shed door with a lock built in can ultimately save you a lot of money. Having your tools stolen because your shed door is open is something you'll kick yourself for later.

Step 1 – Preparation

Before you begin, be sure that there is trim surrounding the door frame. Even for a shed, this is important as it will prevent water damage later. Once you have gone to the hardware store and made all your necessary purchases, you will be ready to begin building your garden shed door. Be sure that you are not going at this alone. An assistant is absolutely necessary in this task.

Step 2 – Construction

Start by setting the hinges. To do this, you should lay the door flat on a pair of sawhorses. Be sure it’s the side of the hinge that is the long pointed part that you attach to the face of the door. When it is attached, the pin will line up in the little gap that goes between the door and the frame. To the outside edge of the door, attach the long shaft part of the barrel bolt as well as the gate handle. Before you set the door into place, you will need to take four wooden shims and put them at the base of the entrance of the door. If you are lucky the door will fit and all you will have to do with the square side of the hinge is screw it to the frame. Don’t get in a rush when doing this.

Step 3 – Doorjamb

To create the doorjamb you will need to attach the trim to the catch of the barrel bolt. Completely nail the furring strips around three side of your doorjamb. This will create your doorstop. Next, nail the furring strips against the doorjamb. The strips of wood should run into the closed door.

Step 4 – Lock Combination

Changing the combination on your lock or setting it up it is a very simple process. For installation you need to set the dial to zero at the red marker. From there, separate the knob from the case assembly. Set up the two holes in the case assembly with the screw holes on the inside of the door.

For resetting, put the control key in while turning it a one quarter turn to the right to open the door you should. Rotate the dial at least one time to the right, stopping it at zero. On the back of the lock case, press the push button and hold it in. While doing this, turn the dial back to forty eight on the right. Continue to turn the dial to the right until you hear a click. After doing this, you can ensure that the combination has changed.

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