Installing a Car Computer: Mounting the Keyboard Installing a Car Computer: Mounting the Keyboard

What You'll Need
Computer keyboard
Computer mount or holder

Although a car computer is safe to use while the car is safely parked it is not advisable to use this equipment when the car is mobile. If you are one of those people who need to have their computers ready for use anytime, you should consider mounting your computer inside your car. You should not keep your computer on the passenger seat of your vehicle especially if you are traveling a long distance. Sudden stops may cause your laptop to slip onto the floor and sustain damages. Moreover, any loose objects inside your car can become deadly in case of accidents so make sure that you mount your computer safely inside your car to avoid any untoward incidents while on the road.

Mounting your computer inside your car is very different from installing devices such as a PDA and a GPS. Note that computers are significantly larger than an ordinary GPS or PDA so you cannot just install this device on the windshield of your car. To help you install your computer without blocking your view of the road, here is what you should do.

Step 1 – Choose Your Computer Mount

There are a number of car computer mounts you can choose from including the steering wheel mounts, the “no drill” laptop mounts, the mobile “car desks” and the portable mounts. To install a steering wheel mount, you simply snap it on the car steering wheel to use your computer while the car is safely parked. After using your computer, you can simply unsnap the mount and put it securely under your car seat.

If you want to keep your computer and computer keyboard mounted while the car is in motion, you can opt for the “no drill” computer mount. This type of mount utilizes the existing infrastructure inside your car so you need not drill holes to bolt your computer securely. This type of mount comes with built-in shock absorbers so your computer will not sustain damage while on the road. The only problem with this type of mount is that it takes up a lot of space in your car. To save some space, you can opt for a mobile car desk with sliding panel where you can hide your computer keyboard or tuck in your laptop when not in use. You can install this type of mount on the back of your car seat to save space.

If you want to be able to use your computer at different locations in your car, you should get a portable computer mount. This type of computer mount looks like a tripod that can be easily set up inside or outside of your car.

Step 2 – Install your Mount

After choosing your computer mount, install it inside your car. If you want to install a desktop instead of a laptop inside your car, make sure that you get your computer configured to fit into the set up of your car. There are plenty of small PCs that are designed for rugged conditions and harsh environments on the market today. They also come with small compact keyboards that easily fit into sliding or portable mounting boards.

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