Installing a Carrier Window Air Conditioner

What You'll Need
Carrier air conditioner
Electric Outlet
Paper Strips and Tape

Installing a Carrier brand air conditioner unit requires a few simple steps to properly install the unit into a window and test it for airflow quality.

Step 1: Place the Carrier Air Conditioner in a Window

Place the air conditioner unit into the window in order to set it in place. The window should be brought down slowly and carefully on top of the air conditioner. This will create a tight seal and hold the unit in place. Attach the spacers that are on the side of the unit to the window frame.  Use a screwdriver to attach the spacers to the window frame in order to secure the air conditioner.

Step 2: Plug the Air Conditioner into a Wall Outlet

Take the cord to the air conditioner and place it into the electric outlet. Once this has been done, turn the air conditioner on in order to begin its operation

Step 3: Test Airflow Quality

Place several strips of paper that has been taped on the end in the blower vents of the air conditioner.  With the air conditioner on, you should observe the unit’s cooling ability in order to determine how the air is moving and whether the airflow is impeded in any way. This test can show you how the air conditioner is working properly.

Move to different spots in the room after the unit has been in operation for awhile and determine if the room is being cooled at a uniform rate.  Again, if different areas within the room appear to be colder than others, take the air conditioner out of the window and reposition it for better operation.