Installing a Continuous Soffit Vent: 2 Tips Installing a Continuous Soffit Vent: 2 Tips

If you need to vent the attic area of your home, fitting a continuous soffit vent is one of the easiest ways to achieve this. Continuous soffit vents sit over the soffit joist of your home, near the eaves. If you have smaller soffit joists, then you can fit these into position, and they will provide enough ventilation for your home. Adding a continuous soffit vent to your attic is not a difficult task, and you should be able to complete it without problems by follow a few rules.

Measure Carefully

Measure your soffit joist carefully before you start installation. You need to be sure that the joist is the right size for the vent. It should be no wider than 16 inches across, as anything wider is better suited to an individual vent, rather than continual. You should also measure your attic space, and calculate carefully if you have enough ventilation from the continuous soffit vent.

Position the Vents

Begin by laying the vents into the soffit, and marking around them. You can then remove the vents, and cut out the hole required. Cut carefully, as any area not covered by the vent will just allow warm air to enter the room.

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