Installing a Decorative Corner Shelf

Small corners can be turned into something a little special by installing a decorative corner shelf. Not only will this give a little extra storage space, but decorative shelf brackets can make a shelf look special and add to the general appearance of the room.

Invisible Supports

Because corner shelves are not meant to be used for heavy loads they often don't require special tools to fit them. The ‘invisible’ support for these shelves consists of several fine pins which are forced into the wall when the shelf is applied. The installation of these wall mounted shelves is as simple as pushing them into the corner.

Decorative Brackets

A decorative shelf bracket fixed to the wall will support a heavier load and look attractive. Installation calls for little more than a drill, a screwdriver and a small spirit level. Often brackets for corner shelves are designed to support more than one shelf in such a way that they are hidden by anything on the shelves.