Installing a Double Sided Fireplace

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Double sided fireplace
Drywall knife
Caulking gun
Silicone caulk
Small pry bar

A double sided fireplace is not only an attractive design element in modern homes, it was also common in turn-of-the-century homes. A double sided fireplace is placed in a wall between two rooms and can be viewed and operated from either side. It also provides heat to both rooms. Installing a double sided fireplace should be done by a professional as it requires a hookup to gas lines. If, however, you are replacing a gas fireplace with a double sided fireplace, you can do it on your own. While this is not an easy project, with time, the correct tools and proper instructions you can successfully install a double sided fireplace.

Step 1 – Measure the Fireplace

The current fireplace needs to be measured so that you can accurately purchase the new double sided fireplace. The new double sided fireplace will be slid through the opening that the old one vacated. This is important since the studs are already removed which makes installation easier.

Step 2 – Disconnecting the Gas

Prior to removing the old fireplace, you need to turn off the gas line. This can be located in several areas of the home including the basement. The access may also be inside the wall behind the fireplace but it may also be under it. Remove the grate inside the fireplace. This is where the heating element will be. Lift this out of the fireplace and you will find the gas line. Once the gas is turned off, remove this line.

Step 3 – Remove the Fireplace

The sides of the fireplace are often covered by trim or by stone. Use the pry bar to remove these elements. Do this carefully as you might want to reinstall the fireplace in another setting. Lift the mantle from the fireplace and put to the side. Inspect how the fireplace is attached. You may have to remove screws from the inside. You may also need to remove silicone sealer. Use a utility knife to cut through the silicone. Once these elements are removed you can then slide the old fireplace out of the recess in the wall.

Step 4 – Preparing the Other Wall

With the old fireplace removed from the wall you will be able to remove the wall from the other side. Find the center of the wall behind the fireplace opening and cut a slit through it. Move to the other room and use the measuring tape to determine the opening. Cut away the drywall and any framing that may be there.

Step 5 – Install the Double Sided Fireplace

Slide the new fireplace through the wall and center it. The gas line hoses will be under the fireplace. Connect them to the gas line. You may need to use a splitter. Cut off the top of the silicone and install it in the gun. Apply a line around the fireplace on both sides. Smooth it out with a wet finger. Place the mantle and trim.