Installing a Drain In a Granite Kitchen Sink

A granite bathroom sink will add a look of glamour and flair to any bathroom. Granite is durable and beautiful to look at. Installing a drain in your granite sink is an easy process that anyone can do. Here’s what you should know.

Purchase a Drain Kit

The easiest way to install a drain in your granite sink is to purchase a drain kit. This will contain the flange and other parts necessary to install the sink. If you choose not to purchase a kit you will need to write down all the parts necessary and purchase them individually. Often this can be more costly than just buying the kit.

Placing the Drain in Place

Installing the drain is as simple as finding the top flange, rolling some plumbers putty to press around the flange ring, and placing the flange in the sink hole. Get underneath the sink to tighten it in to place by hand. Line up the rods with the plumbing and connect it all together. Make sure you have inserted the pop up stopper before you seal it all off.

Test the Sink

Once you have placed the drain, you can run the water for a second to make sure it’s draining correctly.

Setting up a drain in a sink is something you can generally do in less than an hour. There is no point in calling a plumber to do this since it’s so simple.