Installing a Dryer Vent in a Window

If you’re looking to install a dryer vent, one of the easiest methods of installation is by installing it through a window. This need not be a complicated process. Here are a few simple steps on how to install a dryer vent through a window.

Remove the Glass Pane

Begin by removing the glass where you want to install the dryer vent. If the window you are installing the dryer vent to is a divided window, you only need to remove the glass from one side.

Measure the Opening

Next you will need to measure this opening and write down the measurements. You will need these later.

Purchase Replacement Material for the Window

Using the measurements you took earlier, purchase a material to fill the hole in the window. Either wood or Plexiglass will suffice.

Create Hole in New Material for Dryer Vent

Dryer vents tend to be 4 inches in diameter. To be sure, measure the diameter of your dryer vent and cut a hole into the material you purchased so the dryer vent can slide in.

At this point, attach the dryer vent through the hold and place the material in the window, caulking it to keep it in place. Attach vent to dryer, and you’re finished.