Installing a Fingerprint Door Lock

What You'll Need
Drilling machine
Safety goggles
Solid wood door
Fingerprint door lock kit
Screwdriver set
Hammer and nails

A finger print door lock is the latest security product that allows you to enter your home or office with the swipe of a fingerprint in a second. This door lock is keyless, so you don't need to worry about carrying your keys with you or remembering complex combinations. Inbuilt sensors record and store thermal patterns on your fingerprint or thumbprint, denying access to fingerprints that do not match.

Biometric door locks are available in kits and very easy to install by any homeowner. Follow these steps to successfully install this new age door lock, that includes an attractive lever instead of an old fashioned doorknob. 

Step 1: Purchase Lock Kit

Purchase your biometric door lock kit from a local store. There are different types of locks available, ranging from simple locks to ones with built in alarm systems. Select the one that suits your needs and check all the parts in your kit to ensure none is missing.

Step 2: Drill Holes in the Door

Drill a hole about 2 inches deep in the side of the door for the deadbolt. Blow on the hole to remove any tiny flakes of wood, and drill another hole the same size in the doorframe for the bolt to lock into.

Step 3: Adjust and Install Deadbolt and Latch

To ensure the deadbolt fits into the lock mechanism, put a screwdriver into the driver board hole and turn it until its sets perfectly. Deadbolts can extend to create a tight seal when the door is locked, and retract to allow it to open easily when unlocked.

The deadbolt and latch have to be installed on the edge of the door. Hammer the metal plates into the doorframe hole to install the latch. Insert screws into the hole for the deadbolt and turn it tight against the door.

Step 4: Install the Lock

Install the fingerprint verification screen on the outside of the door and hold it in place while you secure the back plate to the inside. Use screws to tightly draw both the parts together.

Some kits include weatherproof guards such as a rain cover and gasket, which you install on your LCD screen and lock to protect it from harsh weather, especially since it will be placed outside.

Step 5: Final Check

Once you install your lock, check to make sure the door creates a tight seal when it's closed, and fix if it does not. Read through the instructions once again and visually check to make sure everything fits before you insert the batteries.

Step 6: Register Your Fingerprint

Install batteries to your door lock according to the type it requires and follow the instructions on your model to record your fingerprint as the administrator or master fingerprint. Most fingerprint door locks can store many fingerprints at the same time, so add more administrators, such as family members or occupants of the house or office where it's installed.