Installing a Flag Pole Light

What You'll Need
Light unit
Cable rated for the light
Wire cutters
Wire strippers

If you are going to fly your flag at night, illuminate it in the darkness with a flag pole light. Fitting a flag pole light is not difficult.

Step 1- Choose a Flag Pole Light

Before you buy a flag pole light, read the specifications in the packaging. They will inform you of the ideal distance the lamp should be from the flag.

Step 2 – Decide on the Location

To make the installation as safe and easy as possible, put the light where people will not trip over the unit or the cord and where you don’t need to trail cable.

Step 3 – Be Neighborly

Ensure that the light does not cause problems for your neighbors. They might not appreciate having a light that glares at them when they look from their property in a particular direction.

Step 4 – Install the Power Supply

Use a good quality cable rated for the power demand of the light. Attach a plug at one end to connect to an external receptacle in the most convenient place.

Step 5 – Use Conduit

If the power cable has to cross a wide stretch of lawn, install it in a conduit that can be sunk into the lawn. Use a spade to cut down into the soil and lever it back and forth to widen the cut until the conduit (with the cable inside) will fit into it. Make sure the conduit is at least 3 inches below ground level. The cut will eventually close up on its own.

Step 6 – Take the Cable to the Lamp

Take the conduit and cable to the position the lamp will be installed.

Step 7 – Connect the Light

Cut the cable to the right length and connect it to the light fitting following the manufacturer’s instructions. Pay particular attention to replacing the weather proofing panels correctly

Step 8 – Fit the Light in Place

If the light unit is designed for use in a lawn it will probably be mounted with a spike. Drive the spike into the lawn being careful not to cut or damage the cable.

Step 9 – Adjust the Angle

Adjust the light angle so that it should be shining on your flag.

Step 10 – Test

Plug in the cable and test the light.

Step 11 – Fix the Angle

When it is dark enough you can finally fix the light in the position that gives your flag the ideal degree of illumination.

Step 12 – Note the Location of the Conduit

Once your light is installed it should not need adjusting but you should make a note of where the cable conduit is installed.

Once the light is familiar you might decide to try different lighting effects to see if you can get your flag illuminated even better.