Installing a Flue Liner in a Chimney Installing a Flue Liner in a Chimney

What You'll Need
Measuring tape
Tin snips or metal saw
Spray adhesive
Foil tape
At least one helper

A flue liner is easy to install into a chimney but you have to be careful to do it right or you can have future problems with leaking. You may also be required to install insulation with your liner, so check your codes to be sure. Instructions will be sent with your kit, but in case they are missing, here is the procedure. 

Step 1 – Unpack and Straighten the Liner

Straighten out the liner on the ground and attach the appliance connector on the bottom. Without over tightening, attach and tighten the hose clamp connector to the liner. 

Step 2 – Measure and Cut the Liner

Measure from the bottom, where the termination will stop to the chimney top. Add a foot and cut the liner to that measurement. Don’t leave any jagged or rough points on the ends of the liner. 

Step 3 – Cover Liner With Insulation

Cut the insulation to the right length. It must overlap the entire length of the liner by an inch or more. A good way to estimate the width is to multiply the diameter of the liner by 3.14 and add an inch for the overlap. Try not to overlap by much more than an inch or you may run into difficulty with clearance.

Lay the insulation on the ground with the foil side down. Place the liner in the center of the insulation and wrap the insulation around it. Use adhesive to keep it in place and make it easier to work with. Secure the seam every one foot with foil tape. With the insulation in place, run a length of foil tape down the length of the seam. 

Step 4 – Cover With Mesh

Wrap the whole length of the liner in the wire mesh, including the bottom connector. This mesh protects the insulation from being damaged as it is installed into the chimney. You kit will come with hose clamps to fix the mesh to the bottom of the liner. At the top, pull on the mesh until it fits tightly on the liner, then secure it on the liner. Cut of the excess mesh. 

Step 5 – Install the Liner

Toss a rope down the chimney to pull the liner down with. Attach the rope to the bottom connector.

With one helper on the roof, and the other inside, guide the liner carefully down the chimney. Keep from damaging the insulation by guiding the liner down the center of the chimney. Once the bottom of the liner is at the bottom of the chimney, cut off any excess liner at the top, leaving an extra four inches for the crown. 

Step 6 – Install the Chimney Cap

Run a bead of calk around the top of the clay flue tile, or chimney crown. Sit the top plate over the liner and firmly press it into the caulk. Tighten the clamp around the liner and secure it to the top plate. Install the cap. 

Step 7 – Complete the Bottom Connections

Connect the liner and bottom point to the appliance connector, and complete the connection to the appliance.

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