Installing a Gutter Screen

What You'll Need
Wire snips

One of the most valuable investments to save you time and energy around your home is to install a gutter screen. A gutter screen will save you countless hours of cleaning your guttering systems as well as avoiding the dangers that go along with cleaning out gutters. You will also be doing your gutters a favor because you will be keeping debris out of them. When debris is allowed to sit in gutters, it will cause a heaviness in your gutters, which can lead to bending and breaking. There are a few tools you will need when installing these components.

Step 1 - Ladder Placement and Screen Rollout

Find a place for your ladder that is secure. Make sure there are no wobbles so that you can get on the roof with ease. If the slope of your roof is to steep to work from, you will be working from the ladder itself. After you have found a secure place for your ladder, roll your screen out to the length of your gutters and snip off where needed. Be sure to fold back the snipped end as it can be sharp and cut or snag clothing.

Step 2 - Fit the Screen

Fit the screen underneath the first row of shingles on your roof. If you find that you have a double row of shingles, you will want to place the screen between the 2 layers. Make sure that the screen is under the shingles at least 2 inches deep to cover the tab areas of the shingles.

Step 3 - Setting the Clips

A component that will come with your screens are the screen clips, which attach the screens to the gutter itself. You will want to attach these screens approximately 18 to 24 inches apart on your gutters when attaching the screens. A good way to do this is to pre-measure the length of your gutters and mark every point that you want to place a clip. Make sure that you have the clips attached in the proper manner. Refer to the instructions for any special procedures that can be performed when attaching the clips to the gutter.

Step 4 - Clip Placement

When you begin placing your clips, you will want to begin at one end of the gutters and work your way forward. You take the long clip and place it over the gutter’s top edge. Make sure that you are getting the clip properly in place, which may take some maneuvering on your part. While you are running your clips to attach the screen to the gutter, you should make sure that you are keeping the screen straight. If not, this will cause problems once you near the other end of the gutter because it will be out of line if it is not kept straight.