Installing a Laundry Chute

If you have an unobstructed path between different floors, you might consider adding the convenience of a laundry chute. These chutes are especially useful if your laundry room is on a lower floor or in the basement and doing the laundry requires carrying basket loads of laundry up and down a lot of stairs.

Beware that wires, plumbing pipes or other obstacles in the path may complicate the installation.

Installing a Laundry Chute in Your Home

The most logical location for a laundry chute is in a hallway that is accessible by all the bedrooms, allowing each member of the family to drop their dirty clothes down a common chute. If the wall runs parallel to the different floor joists or if the studs that are in the wall are stacked atop one another, the job will be significantly easier. Use a stud finder to locate studs, boring a hole into the wall to check for any potential obstructions before continuing with your plans to install a laundry chute.

Use standard galvanized heating duct material to construct your laundry chute. You are going to need a register opening and a 90-degree elbow as well as a laundry chute door, which you can buy preassembled. The total cost for all of the materials will only come to about $30 and can all be purchased in the plumbing or heating department of a standard hardware store.