Installing a Metal Ridge Vent

What You'll Need
Metal ridge vents
Cap shingles
Flat bar
Claw hammer
Tape measure
Safety glasses and gloves
Chalk line
Mineral spirits
Aviation snips
Roofing nails
Caulking gun
Roofing cement

A metal ridge vent is an important piece of material in any roofing construction, because it allows air to passively escape from the attic. This is done by allowing the air from outside to circulate through the vents. Installing a metal ridge vent is actually easy, if you have the right tools and know-how.

Step 1: Removing the Cap Shingles

Using a flat bar and a claw hammer, remove the cap shingles from the ridge of the roof. These cap shingles cover the roof peak, and are installed using roof cement or nails. After removing the cap shingles, make sure that you read the manual that came with the metal ridge vent, to determine where the opening is needed for proper circulation.

Step 2: Measuring the Ridge Vent

Based on the instructions in the manual, measure the length needed on both sides of the roof’s ridges. Mark the length using the pencil. There should be 2 marks on both sides of the roof’s peak.

Step 3: Cutting the Vents

Use a chalk line to snap between the mark lines. Cut the chalk lines using a circular saw. Remove the cut pieces using the flat bar and claw hammer. Secure the metal ridge vents using the roofing nails.