Installing a Modern Bathroom Sconce

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Drywall saw
Electrical boxes
Drill, with 1.5-inch bit
12/2 electrical wires

Sconces are useful fixtures that can help you create a modern bathroom decor. They are attached directly to the wall to provide light along with other sources from the ceiling. Various styles and designs of sconces are available. You're sure to find one that can boost the ambiance and functionality of your bathroom. Fortunately, installation is something you can undertake yourself, if you have some basic electrical knowledge. Follow these steps to install a sconce.

Step 1 - Mark the Location

Use a tape measure and pencil to mark the placement points of your sconces. It is best to install the sconces at least 5-feet from the floor to ensure that you do not bump into the fixtures with your shoulders or head. If your bathroom has a high ceiling, increase the distance from the floor by several feet. Keep the sconces spaced by 8-feet. It is more convenient if the switch is located alongside the ones you already have in place.

Step 2 - Drill Through the Wall

Turn off power supply to the bathroom at the circuit breaker to eliminate the risk of electrocution while you work. Draw holes to guide you as you cut out the openings for the sconces and switch. Use your saw to cut openings through the wall to accommodate the electrical boxes for the sconces. Cut another opening to accommodate the electrical box for the switch. Use your electric dill to drill holes into the top stud behind the wall for the sconces and switch. The holes will accommodate the electrical cables.

Step 3 - Install Cables

Attach an electrical wire to the fixture furthest from the switch. Link this wire to the next sconce. Attach a second wire to link the sconce to the switch. Connect a third wire from the switch to the electrical outlet that powers the bathroom lights. Run the wire through the back of the electrical boxes. Install the boxes inside the wall. Use a screwdriver to tighten the anchors on the boxes so that they appear flush with the wall.

Step 4 - Attach Sconces and Switch

Secure the mounting brackets of the sconces to the electrical boxes. Connect the white wire from the box to the neutral wire in the sconce. Attach the sconces to the wall. Secure them firmly with a screwdriver.

Link the wires from the sconces to the switch. Connect the ground wires to the green screw, the black wire to the copper screw and the white wire to the silver screw. Attach the cover to the switch and fasten with screws.

Step 5 - Wire to Electrical Outlet

Connect the wires from the switch to the electrical outlet. The ground wire connects to the green screw. The black wire connects to the copper screw and white to the silver screw.

Step 6 - Lighting

Install bulbs with the recommended wattage in your sconces. Return the power at the circuit breaker. Turn on your lights and enjoy the ambiance in your bathroom.