How to Install a Modern Bathroom Sink

What You'll Need
Vessel sink
Vanity, specially designed for vessel sinks
Cardboard sheet
Jigsaw blade or hole cutter
Sink hardware
Mounting rings
Caulking gun

A modern bathroom sink is entirely different from the traditional drop–in bowl sink. They usually sit on the vanity, or are partially submerged. These modern bathroom sinks are known as vessel sinks, and are installed in a different way. If you want to install a modern bathroom sink, you also need a vanity that is specially designed for vessel sinks. They come with the complete instructions. Follow the instructions carefully and use these steps to to install your modern bathroom sink.

Step 1 - Planning the Layout

Install the vanity and determine where the bathroom sink will rest. All vanities come with specific instructions. Read them carefully and be certain that you have chosen a vanity made especially for modern bathroom sinks, as they cannot be placed on other types of vanities.

Step 2 - Making the Template

The most important part of the installation process is taking measurements. To make the template, place a cardboard sheet over the vanity, and mark the positions of sink drains and faucet holes. Draw the positions correctly. Recheck your measurements, as any variation will destroy the process.

Step 3 - Cutting the Template

Next cut the template using scissors. Place it over the vanity. Draw the holes on the vanity using a pencil. Once more, make sure all the measurements are correct.

Step 4 - Drilling and Cutting the Holes

After making the drawings, drill a hole anywhere on the marking. Slide a jigsaw blade or a hole cutter into the drilled hole and cut along the marked line. Then place the modern bathroom sink and faucet on the vanity. Ensure that all of the measurements are correct. You can make any required changes at this stage.

Step 5 - Fixing the Sink

Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the modern bathroom sink and faucet. To install the sink, first of all, attach the mounting ring on to the sink. Then, place the sink in the correct position, and apply silicone around the sink, to hold it in place. To apply silicone, fix the silicone tube to the caulking gun, and press the gun downwards. Once silicone is applied, smooth it using wet fingers.

Step 6 - Fixing the Faucet

Place the faucet the same way as the sink. To affix the faucet, add the mounting ring and fix it in place using silicone.

Step 7 - Connecting the Water Supply Pipes

Connect the water pipes to the sink and faucet. Finally, turn on the water and check that your modern bathroom sink is working properly.