Installing a Motion Detector Water Sprayer

What You'll Need
Motion detector
Water spray connection

A motion detector water system can also help keep neighborhood cats and dogs out of your yard, predators away from a goldfish pond, pests out of the garbage and even large wildlife out of the garden. These devices are often available from gardening stores or from online shops, and personnel might even offer to help you fit the device. However, fitting a motion detector water sprayer is not a difficult job, and you should be able to get it finished on your own in a few hours.

Step 1 - Installing the Motion Detector

You will first need to put the motion detector itself onto the side of your house. You will need to work out the best cover for your garden, so have a friend stand on the lawn while you use the motion detector on him. When the alarm sounds for most of the garden, this is the perfect place to put your motion detector. At the back of the device, there will be a panel which pulls out at the bottom of the stand. This will have two or three holes in it, and this will be where you have to screw it to the wall. Make sure that your screws are nice and tight.

Step 2 - Remove the Alarm

Before you place the detector onto the wall, you will have to remove the alarm. Take all of the wires which connect the alarm to she sensor out. Make sure that you note which wire goes where, as you will have to use these to install the water sprayer. Once  the alarm is unplugged, you can either discard it, or keep it in the box which the sensor came in.

Step 3 - Add the Water Sprayer

You will now put the sprayer onto your sensor. Plug in the wires that you have noted were used for the alarm. You want the sprayer to be triggered when the detector spots movement, so once the wires are in, get your friend to wave something at the sensor. Your sprayer should be triggered, and should shoot as though it were full of water. When you are satisfied by this result, put the sensor onto the plate, and position the sprayer close by.

Step 4 - Finishing

When you have completed your installation, you should fill the sprayer with water before you descend from the sprayer. Keep your hands down below the sensor as you do this, or make sure that it is turned off, as you don't want to get a faceful of water. Once you have descended the ladder, you can turn the sensor back on.