Installing a Multiple Key Lock for a Pocket Door

A room with a pocket door.
What You'll Need
Key lock

Installing a pocket door key lock in your home is a project you may need to deal with at some point in your life. Key locks might wear out as time goes by. There are many reasons why you will need to install a key lock – maybe you are renting a new house and for safety reasons you want to change the locks. Installing a pocket door lock is not difficult and doesn’t require much experience or specific knowledge. This is not a task that requires a professional.

Step 1 - Determine the Type of Lock

Determining the type of lock you want is the first thing you need to do. If you have decided that you are installing a keyed lock, you still need to check if you will buy a lock which can work with keys both from inside and outside the house.

This simply means that you can key the lock from the outside and from inside the home as well. Some people prefer the keyed locks that receive keys only from the inside. Either way, you will need to buy a sturdy and quality keyed lock which is practical and functional, ensuring security and safety.

Step 2 - Modify the Latch Plate

Before installing the keyed lock you need to check whether the latch plates need any modification. In most cases, you will need to make the divot a little deeper before the installation of the locks. Basically, you need to ensure that you can place the faceplate even and flat onto the door, because failing to do so means that the locks will not work properly.

Step 3 - Size the Key Lock

The key lock installation kit for the pocket door comes with the template you can use to check the size of the locks. If the older lock is smaller, you have to make them larger. Modifying the holes and lock is easy because you can find a modification tool in the lock kit you are buying.

Step 4 - Finish

The door obviously has a strike plate already. You can keep the same plate but it is most likely that you will need to replace the screws. Check the holes of the strike plate and make sure that the new latch bolt can go all the way in it. The strike plate has to face right so that you can attach the new key lock properly.

If you need to replace the strike plate go to the local hardware store where you bought the new key lock and ask the salesperson to give you one that is proper for the particular key lock. Make sure that you buy a durable one. When you install the new plate ensure that there is no gap between the door and its frame. Screw the lock tight and check the keys you have without closing the door. Once you make sure that they all work, close the door and repeat the test.

Extra Tip

Usually all new installation kits come with detailed instructions. Make sure that you read them thoroughly before starting with the installation.