Installing a Portable Air Conditioner in a Door Frame

What You'll Need
Portable air conditioner
Jig saw
Styrofoam sheet

The thing many people like about a portable air conditioner is you can put it anywhere you like. Installing a portable air conditioner in a door frame will allow you to get fresh air from outside. It is easy to install the air conditioner while still maintaining portability of the unit.

Step 1 – Choose Your Location

Installing a portable air conditioner in a door frame allows you to choose between different doors. The most popular option is to use the sliding glass door. This allows you to still enjoy natural light and still be able to get in and out around the unit.

Step 2 – Measure And Cut

In order to keep hot air from getting in, you need plywood to sit around the air conditioning unit. Stand the unit up next to the plywood and draw the dimensions out on the plywood. Use a jig saw to cut out the shape of the air conditioning unit.

Step 3 – Install Your Unit

Use strips of Styrofoam in order to create a insulated seal between your sliding glass door and the plywood. Put the unit in the hole you cut out in the wood. Use pieces of Styrofoam to add insulation around the air conditioner in order to prevent hot air from getting in.