Installing a PVC Porch Railing: 3 Tips Installing a PVC Porch Railing: 3 Tips

Using PVC porch railing is popular for many reasons. The material is inexpensive and durable, and doesn't look like what you may expect from PVC material. Once you install this correctly, you won't have to worry much about maintenance. It will resist damage from pests, and is very simple to keep clean. If you are considering using this material, here are a few things that will help you.

1. Using 2X4s

Even though you are installing PVC material, you will still need a few blocks of 2X4 wood. You should place these on the inside of the hollow newel posts. This will allow you to install the posts securely without damaging the PVC material.

2. Drill Pilots

Drilling through denser material first will save you time and help you avoid damage to the PVC material. Line everything up, drill through any wood first, then attach your fasteners through the predrilled holes.

3. Marking and Leveling

Since PVC is lightweight, it's easy to mistakenly let the rails slip as you are installing. To prevent uneven rails, mark the spots you are going to install. Before you completely tighten any fasteners, use a level to ensure everything lines up and is even. This will prevent unsightly appearance after the fact.

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