Installing a Raised Toilet Seat

What You'll Need
Raised toilet seat
Wrench set
Screwdriver set

A raised toilet seat can make it much easier for elderly people or those with disabilities to use the restroom. This how to guide will show you how to install the three most popular types of raised toilet seats: bubble-type raised toilet seat; raised toilet seat with an adjustment knob; and adjustable height raised toilet seat.

Installing a Bubble-Type Raised Toilet Seat

Step 1 - Lift Seat and Cover

Lift the toilet seat and cover so that they are upright and out of the way.

Step 2 - Position the Toilet Seat

Line up the toilet seat so that the taller end of the seat is in the rear of the bowl and the ring sits over the bowl opening.

Step 3 - Insert Toilet Seat

Press the toilet seat down until it is securely in place.

Installing a Raised Toilet Seat with an Adjustable Knob

Step 1 - Lift the Lid and Seat

Raise the toilet lid and seat up so that it is not in the way.

Step 2 - Adjust the Raised Toilet Seat

Turn the adjustment knob on the new toilet seat counterclockwise in order to loosen the bracket and reduce the size of the toilet ring insert. Continue turning the knob until the insert ring is small enough to be placed into the toilet bowl.

Step 3 - Insert Toilet Insert Ring in Toilet Opening

Place the toilet insert ring of the new raised toilet in the bowl rim opening. Then, hook the rear flange underneath the back edge of the bowl. Make sure that the new raised toilet sits flat on the bowl rim. The adjustment knob for the toilet should be at the front end of the toilet bowl.

Step 4 - Center the Raised Toilet Seat

Push the new toilet seat back as far as possible. Try to make sure that it is centered on the bowl rim.

Step 5 - Adjust the Toilet Seat

Turn the adjustment knob on the toilet seat clockwise in order to tighten its securely to the rim of the bowl. Continue tightening until you feel resistance, then turn an additional 1/4 turn to make sure it's tight. Use your hand to tighten the adjustment knob and not a wrench. (Note - If the rear of the toilet seat is obstructed by the old seat or cover, you may need to the old toilet lid.)

Installing an Adjustable Height Raised Toilet Seat

Step 1 - Raise Toilet Seat and Lid

Lift the toilet seat and lid into the upright position so that it will not obstruct the new raised toilet seat.

Step 2 - Level the Height Adjustment Clamps

Make sure that all of the height adjustment clamps are set at the same height settings.

Step - 3 Insert Toilet Seat into Bowl Opening

Place the raised toilet seat onto the bowl and make sure that the clamps slide over the sides of the toilet bowl. Make sure the clamps align properly with the bowl by loosening or tightening the bolts where clamps are attached to the seat. Once the clamps are correctly positioned, tighten the bolts with a wrench.