Installing a Rear Strut Brace on a Vehicle


If you want to reduce this flexing and offer more stability to your vehicle, you need to make some efforts to install a rear strut brace on your vehicle. The chassis of your vehicle tends to flex at different points due to the impact of the cornering forces especially when it is driven around a curve. The major area that is affected and flexes the most is the shock tower tops. Most people tend to neglect this problem. However, this should not be done because flexing of chassis even to a small degree can affect your vehicle. The flexing can affect your vehicle’s handling, making it less accurate and steady. The rear strut brace is a rigid bar that must be bolted safely to the top portions of the strut towers. It should be done in such a way that they are efficiently braced next to each other. The process may sound to be a little complex. However, this is not so. You can easily install a rear strut brace on a vehicle by following some simple steps. You would also require keeping certain tools ready. Given below are some simple instructions to help you accomplish the task in an easy manner.

Tools and Materials Needed:

  • Socket set
  • Ratchet
  • Open-ended wrenches 

Step 1 - Locate Strut Tower Top

This is the most important step. You must locate the tops of the strut towers at the rear end of the vehicle. If you own a sedan or any of the hatchback vehicles, access the tops by opening the hatch or the trunk. It is also important to remove some of the trim. You may also pull back the carpeting of the trunk that provides cover to your vehicle’s strut towers. On other types of vehicles, you may require removing the rear seat back. This will help you access the strut tower tops easily.

Step 2 - Remove the Nuts

These are the nuts that hold the strut tops in place firmly on the strut towers. You can use a socket and ratchet or a wrench for this purpose. Observe closely and you will notice that the strut assembly top consists of studs protruding through the sheet metal of the vehicle, that are secured in place using the nuts. You need to remove these nuts.

Step 3 - Slide Holes

Slide holes in one end of the strut brace. This should be down over the studs on which the nuts were mounted on. Strut braces are unique to a vehicle they are to be installed on. Hence, they must be of accurate length. Holes need to be drilled in the proper place to get a perfect fit.

Step 4 - Thread Nuts

Now you must thread all the nuts back onto the studs and tighten them against the strut bar using an open-ended wrench. Make sure these are held in place. You also require reinstalling the trim or carpeting that you removed earlier to gain access to the tops of strut towers. You have successfully installed the rear strut brace on your vehicle.