Installing a Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan Installing a Remote Controlled Ceiling Fan

What You'll Need
Fan rated electrical box, if needed
Remote control fan kit

A remote control ceiling fan is a convenient way to distribute air throughout a room. This article will explain how to install one of these fans on a ceiling using an existing light fixture hookup. 

Step 1: Preparations

Turn the wall switch to the off position and then turn the circuit breaker for that area off. Set up the ladder so that it sits securely in place. These are important safety measures to follow. 

Take all parts out of their boxes and be sure that all pieces are there. If not, purchase what you need before beginning the project. Be sure to also have all tools that will be needed readily available in the work area. 

Step 2: Removal

Remove the old fixture that is currently in the place where the new fan will be hung. This may be a light or fan fixture. Be sure to leave junction box in place unless it is not a fan rated box. When replacing a light fixture with a ceiling fan, it is best to assume that the electrical box will not support a fan. 

Step 3: Replace the Electrical Box

If the electrical box is not fan rated then it will have to be replaced. Install this box now making sure that it is totally secure. The box should be mounted into a joist or rafter so that there is something solid to screw into. 

Step 4: Fan Installation

Install the fans' mounting plate onto the ceiling fixture area with a screwdriver. 

Put together the parts of the fan using the floor or a table as a workspace. Put together all of the components but leave the blades until later. These should be added after the fan has been hung. Hang the fan by connecting the hook found on the mounting plate to the hole in the canopy of the fan. 

Step 5: Wiring

Connect the wires. Wires are matched up by like colors. For instance, black wire connected to black wire, white to white and green to green.

Step 6: Finish Installing the Fan

Fit the fan base into the mounting plate using the slats on either side of the fan. Secure this into place with a screwdriver. 

Add the blades to the fan base using the screws and brackets provided with the kit. Be sure that the blades are screwed into the fan base tightly to avoid wobbling. 

Step 7: Installing the Remote Bracket

Choose the appropriate location on the wall for the remote control bracket holder. The best place is usually located at an entrance. Screw the bracket into place. 

Step 8: Finishing

Turn the circuit breaker back on and try out the fan and remote to make sure that they work. Put the ladder away, and tidy up the mess. 

Installing a remote control fan kit can be done by one or two people reasonably easily. The process will take little more than an hour for one person to complete.

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