Installing a Remote Kill Switch

What You'll Need
Remote kill switch
Service manual
Wire caps
Wire cutters
Wire stripper

A remote kill switch is an invaluable tool for securing your vehicle. The basic idea behind a remote kill switch is to prevent the car from being stolen. The remote aspect allows you to utilize the kill switch from a distance. The kill switch essentially disables the connection to the ignition to prevent the car from starting or continuing to run. Installing a remote kill switch is not that hard, and the following article will show you how.

Step 1 – Locate the Ignition Wires

Open the hood to the vehicle and find the wires connected to the battery and leading toward the main console. These are not the terminal cables. The service manual will come in handy to locate them.

Step 2 – Wire Disconnection

You will need to cut the ignition wires and strip each end of the cut wires. If the wires are screwed in place, loosen them and remove the wires.

Step 3 – Install the Remote Kill Switch

The kill switch is a bridge between the wires of the battery and the ignition. Connect the positive wires to the positive on the kill switch, and do the same with the negative wires.