Installing a Room Air Conditioner Away from a Window

Sometimes, it is not possible to install a room air conditioner into a window, either due to neighbor issues, the position of the window, or problems with sash-windows: a room with a French window arrangement, for example, could not have an AC unit installed, as it would not fit between the sliding doors.

In cases like these, it is important to install the air conditioner away from window or doors that can’t take it. But it is still possible to install an air conditioner which is suitable for use without having to risk buying a new window or door.

Installing a Split Air Conditioner

The great thing about split room air conditioner units is the fact that their condenser and evaporator units are not connected together. Instead, they are linked by a few wires and pipes, through which electrical current and refrigerant pass. These air conditioners can be installed on the walls of a house, or even on the roof, if you wish:

  • Install the outside unit first: the outside portion will need to be sheltered as it contains vital elements such as the compressor. Put the outside unit on a bracket, and make a hole in the wall. This will need to be about 3 inches in size—check the width of the pipe before fitting.
  • Set the unit slightly off-level, as this helps to drain the unit of refrigerant. Insert the pipe and the wires through the wall, and then link them to the outside unit.
  • Install the indoor unit inside room, which will provide the cool air, and attach pipes and wires. Check that the units are correctly wired before plugging in.

A cheap way of getting the capacity of a split room air conditioner without the cost is by buying a mini split air conditioner. These devices can actually prevent energy wastage, and a smaller AC unit means that it is easily fitted by one person.

Other Options

Buying a portable AC unit might be one solution to the problem. These electrical AC units can be plugged into wall sockets, and they can be rolled in and out of rooms easily. However, to get the best from a portable room air conditioner, it is necessary to find the proper size—the wrong size of AC unit will prevent the conditioner from working effectively.

  • Measure the room’s length and width, and multiply these together. The result is the square footage of the room, and you will need 30 BTUs for every square foot.
  • For every person in the room, add another 600 BTUs.
  • Locate the right portable AC unit—these can range from 5000 to 30,00o BTUs.

A central room air conditioner might also be considered. These have been used to cool offices and businesses, as well as some homes. Central air conditioners filter the air as well as making it cooler, so that the air is purified. However central room air conditioner units involve a great deal of installation.