Installing a Shoe Wiping Grate in Your Mudroom

What You'll Need
Putty or drywall knife
Adhesive Remover
Adhesive and Caulk
Measuring Tape
Damp Sponge or Cloth

One way to prevent the tracking of mud, sand and dirt throughout your home is to install a shoe grate in your mudroom. A mudroom creates a space in your home where you can allow your guests and family to remove their soiled shoes before entering your living area. A mudroom can be more beneficial if you install a shoe wiping grate. A shoe wiping grate is perfect to allow guests and family a place to kick off the mud, dirt or even snow from their shoes before entering and tracking it into your home. 

A shoe wiping grate, or shoe cleaning grate, is essentially a grate placed over a trap, chute or recess in the floor that helps scrape and remove debris from shoes. The recess and grate create a collection location for the excess soil. 

Step 1 - Removing Existing Grate 

If you have an existing grate that you are replacing, you first need to remove the current grate. The grate fits into a grate frame that attaches to the floor above your recession, drain or collection hole. The majority of grates attach to the frame with screws which can easily be unscrewed allowing the grate removal. There are grates that also clip or snap into the frame which simply require you to press the release trigger on the securing clips allowing grate removal. 

If you plan to install a new frame along with the grate, you will need to remove the existing frame. The frame should have adhesive or caulk around the outside and underneath creating a sealed barrier between the frame and floor. Use a putty or drywall knife to loosen the adhesive or caulk from the frame’s perimeter. You will need to unscrew the fastening screws from the perimeter of the frame and lift it out of place. After the frame removal, you will need to remove any excess adhesive or caulk with adhesive remover.

Step 2 - Measuring 

When installing a new shoe cleaning grate into your mudroom the most important step is measurement. You need to adequately and properly measure your existing floor recess or hole under your existing grate. Measure the floor in three places along the width and three places along the length. When ordering your replacement or new grate you should use the smallest of the width measurement and the smallest of the length measurement. 

Step 3 - Installing the Grate

If you are replacing or installing the frame along with the grate, you will need to first install the new frame. You need to make certain to clean all adhesive or caulk from the floor by using a putty knife and adhesive remover. Next, you should apply adhesive to the back of the frame to secure its bond to the floor. After smoothing the adhesive to the back of the frame, place the frame into the position. Now use the screws or hardware that came with the frame to secure it into place. If any extra adhesive seeped from the outside of the frame, you can wipe this with a wet sponge or cloth. Now, apply a ribbon of caulk around the perimeter of the frame to create a seal. You can use your finger to lightly smooth the caulk across the outside ridge of the frame. Allow the frame to set for a few hours so the adhesive and caulk can dry. 

Now you are ready to install the new shoe cleaning grate into your frame. If your new grate came with installation screws or hardware for attachment to the frame, use the included supplies. If the grate snaps or slips onto the frame then use the proper method to secure it to the frame.