Installing a Slide in Electric Range

Installing a slide in electric range is fairly simple and can be done in a short time with relatively few tools. The following steps will provide you with the information you need to complete this installation process.

Step 1 – Remove Existing Range

Before you can move your new range into place, you must first remove the existing range (if you have an existing range).

Step 2 – Read the Manufacturer’s Instructions

If your range is new it will come with manufacturer’s instructions. Read these thoroughly before you began your installation.

Step 3 – Remove Packing

New ranges will provide cardboard or foam padding to protect range elements. Remove these pads before you begin your installation. Your owner’s manual will provide a diagram showing where each of these packing pieces should be used for protection.

Step 4 – Put a Slider Under the Range Feet

Before you slide your range in place, slide a piece of cardboard or a rug under the feet of the range. This will protect your flooring as the feet slide across the floor.

Step 5 – Level the Range

Before sliding the range in place, you will want to level the range by adjusting the range's feet. You will probably have to adjust them once again when the range is in place, but performing this function before sliding the range will make the leveling easier. Level the range by adjusting its feet. Unscrew them downward and away from the range for more range height, upward toward the range to lower it. When adjusting your range level, keep it mind that the range top surface should be slightly higher than your counter surface.

Step 6 – Use Hand Level

To determine if the range is completely level, place a hand level on your stove top, both vertically and horizontally. This will determine if the range surface is level, both from side to side and from front to back.

Step 7 – Install Anti-Tip Foot Lock

The anti-tip foot lock, when installed properly, will prevent your range from tipping when its weight is shifted forward. For most ranges you'll find instructions in the owners manual for installing the foot lock. But, to install this lock for most ranges, measure the distance to the back foot center from the side surface of the range, Install the plate so it is positioned against the rear wall of the range opening. You'll know it is correctly installed if your stove foot slides easily into the counter top opening.

Step 8 – Connect Power Cord

Usually, you will plug the range's power cord into an outlet near your stove. If you need to connect the power cord's electrical wires to the range, refer to the diagram you'll find on the back of your range. This diagram will identify the contacts on the range panel where each wire is to be connected.

Step 9 – Slide the Range in Place

Now that your range is leveled and the cord is connected, slide your range into place. You may need to make some final leveling adjustments. Finally, remove cardboard or rug you used to slide the range into place, and you are done.